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okay, i get it. everyone is obsessed with the netflix serious, you. that's not what this is about, sorry girls. 

like you, i've been dealt a hand of cards, not the best, but not the worst either. it's how I played them and continue to play them that's got me where i am - i'd feel guilty if i kept that to myself and didn't share with others, so here i am. 

my words for 2020 are improve. inspire. and grow. 

improve in all areas - really just honing in on the details of my business so i can better serve you. improve on things i'm not so great at around the house, so i am a happier and healthier environment, so i'm not stressing about dirty dishes or undone laundry. honestly, in both my business and home life, these things will make me a better and more enjoyable person for the people i love and care for. 

inspire anyone - i get it. not everyone cares to be inspired, moved or motivated. but for those that are, dare i. again, i would feel guilty to let what i've learned in life go to waste and not to share them. you could say its been put on my heart to inspire you. i say you, because you're here, reading this now. 

grow big - not so much personally, but financially. the boutique can use some growth, my savings account could REALLY use some growth, and i'm determined to pay off debt. there's a reason this comes after the first two. realizing what i already have, improving it, and using what i've learned to inspire others comes first. 

with all that being said - i'm here to help in what way i can. if you've gotten this far, you must be really determined. you should be proud of yourself. the woman in your future is proud of you. I AM PROUD OF YOU. 

i've created a facebook group exclusively for those of you that want to grow personally. this will be a safe place to posts your struggles, your successes and strengths, to find your weaknesses and capitalize on them. a group of empowered women ready to make a change and hold each other accountable. 

there will be a weekly video + topic for you to review and put in force for the next week or two, geared around an area to improve for the woman you are becoming. 

its more than brushing your hair + drinking your water. if you're ready to dive into becoming a better woman and making the woman you're becoming PROUD, join us here

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