The Heart Behind Oh, Darlin'

Hi y'all! Its Jess!  First of all, thank you for stopping by!


Secondly, let me introduce myself, and Oh, Darlin'!

I'm a small town girl, with a long life-to-do list, and dreams galore. I grew up and now reside, despite a short lived relocation, in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley - truly the most beautiful place on Earth. I live outside of a little town here, with about 200 people and I couldn't love it anymore!


I have a big heart. Agriculture is special to me. Giving back is important. I have an old soul and believe strongly in the saying "a simple life is a good life." I live for things that get me outdoors. I have the sweetest pup and cheer "Go Pokes!" frequently. Above all things, I am a child of God.


THE VISION: Oh, Darlin' was founded on my love for DIY products, creative side, and a need for monogrammed everything. Just before moving off to college, anything I owned had to have jHl on it, and being a DIYer,, I started monogramming everything I had. It stuck and I started making them for family and friends, eventually opening a shop! I imagine that one day I could offer custom monogram products, and eventually expanded to offering cute clothes, accessories and gifts!

THE DREAM: I touched on this a little above, but my ultimate dream was to start selling my products and owning my own boutique to capture my love for clothes, unique style and personal touch! Ultimately, I would love for my dream to be a full time gig, where I can work on a small farm at my home and dress wonderful ladies with the Oh, Darlin' brand!

THE PASSION: People are really my passion - I love meeting people, getting to them and hearing others stories. I've honestly never been one to not open up to people or not stop to talk with any one that comes my  way. Owning a business truly embraces being able to do all of the above mentioned things and makes me joyful interacting with customers.