Sunless Spray Tan FAQ's

What is the difference between the Bronze Babe OG and Bronze + Boujee tan?

The Bronze Babe OG is designed to be left on the skin for at least 8-10 hours to develop before rinsing off.

The Bronze + Boujee is an accelerated formulation that will allow you to rinse off in 1-4 hours depending recommendation from your certified spray tanner. 


Will my spray tan be streaky or turn me orange? 

Our sunless spray specialist is certified and has been trained to apply the best sunless spray tan using high quality, professional solution and techniques. Our solution color is very natural and not orange. We have not had issues in the past with anyone receiving an unnatural or sunless spray tan.


Can I walk in for a sunless spray tan appointment?

Currently, we are only accepting sunless spray tan sessions by appointment only. We offer appointments as early as 7:00am and as late as 7:00pm, and have sunless spray availability Monday-Saturday. For more booking information and availability please follow this link! >>

Do you offer any specials, parties or packages? 

We do! We offer a student and military discount of 10% off any sunless spray tan service. We LOVE referrals, offering 10% off your next service with any 2 referrals. We also offer private girls day/night out parties, bridal parties and packages available which you can read more about here >>



How long will my sunless spray tan last? 

You sunless spray tan will allow you to see instant color, but will continue to develop for 24 hours after your sunless spray session. 

The tan should last anywhere from 4-9+ days. It will depend on hormones, skin PH and how well you follow pre and post sunless spray tan care. It will also depend on your level of activity (sports etc) and how well you take care of your sunless spray tan.

For best results it is recommended that you use products Oh, Darlin' offers, as they were formulated specifically to work the best with a sunless tan. A spray tan is affecting the outer layer of the skin so anything you do that will exfoliate will result in a quicker fading


How should I prepare for my sunless spray tan?

You should exfoliate, wax, and/or shave 24 hours BEFORE your scheduled sunless spray tan. DO NOT exfoliate or shave the day of your sunless spray tan, be sure to do 24 hours beforehand, as recommended. Exfoliation is important so the skin can be an even canvas and will help the tan last longer. It is important to allow enough time after waxing or shaving or else you could have a barrier left that will cause streaking and patches. 

Pedicures should be done the day before the spray tan session.  If it is done right before the massage oils will cause a problem with the tan. If a pedicure is done after the spray tan it will remove the tan from the feet and the massage oil can cause the color to streak. Polish change only is OK as long as no lotion or oil is used.

You should not apply any product, perfumes, oils, lotions or deodorant to your skin the day of the tan as it can cause sunless spray tan developmental issues.

You should never shower right before the session. You may think that “clean skin” is good but many soaps, hair conditioners and shower products will leave an invisible film on your skin. This can cause the spray tan to develop patchy or streaky. Showering right before the session will hydrate the skin which means that all of the spray tan solution will not be absorbed. This will result in a lighter color on the client.

Please do not use dove soap before or after the tanning session, this always causes development issues. We recommend not using exfoliating soaps or body washes post your sunless spray tan. We recommend our Body Wash that was specifically designed for sunless spray tans and does not contain any SLS or alcohols. 



What should I wear for my sunless spray tan session?

Please wear a dark colored swimsuit or undergarments. The tanning solution will wash off but in some cases can stain light colored garments. If you do not have anything you are comfortable wearing, we will provide a disposable suit for your sunless spray. Please wear dark, baggy street clothes for after your sunless spray tan, as tight clothing can rub your tan and light clothing will stain. 


How can I maximize results after my sunless spray tan?

Rinse within the window given to you by the sunless spray expert. This should be 8 hours after you Bronze Babe OG sunless spray session and 1-4 hours after your Bronze + Boujee spray session, as recommended by your spray expert. 

Do not sweat, get wet or apply any products until the rinse off as that can affect the tan development. WATER RINSE ONLY. No soaps or body wash until 24 hours after you sunless spray session.

Do not apply any oils, lotions, perfumes to the skin after the first rinse. The tan is continuing to develop, and by doing so you may compromise your sunless spray tan results. You can use lotion the next day.


What are things I should try to avoid after my sunless spray session?

Please wait the proper time to rinse. This is very important. Do not get wet or sweat until you rinse off

Rain will ruin a tan. Make sure you use an umbrella to your session should the weather call for rain or you will be out and about after.

Avoid tight fitting clothes until after your rinse.

Baths, Hot Tubs, Pools and Ocean - Being in water can fade the tan. We recommend if you have water activity planned, that you use our Tan extender to replenish your color afterwards.

Avoid massages and pedicures in the first few days after the spray tan session.

When getting out of the shower blot the skin dry, do not rub.

Avoid any waxing.

No skin to skin contact until rinse off.

Any anti-aging or acne products, harsh soaps or products containing SLS, and bug sprays can cause the tan to fade


What products should I avoid after my sunless spray session?

Soaps {especially DOVE products} and many body lotions contain SLS and drying alcohols that will strip and fade the tan. Using cheap drugstore products can cause blotching and bad fading.

Our GLOWcare 5 step maintenance system are amazing aftercare products that I formulated specifically to work well with the sunless tan. They are organic based and PETA vegan and cruelty free


What is DHA and what are the FDA recommendations?

DHA is a skin colorant used in spray tanning and cosmetics. The FDA has approved its use in cosmetics-including sunless “tanning” products and is restricted to external application. It is not approved to be applied to the lips, eyes or mucous membranes. When applied in a mist during your airbrush tanning session, Oh, Darlin' and the FDA recommends taking the following protective measures to avoid inhalation or ingestion of DHA. Recommendations for protective measures are:

Face masks, undergarments, nose filters, eye and lip protection. This will all be supplied by Oh, Darlin' should you not bring your own.