Dixie Chicken Car Scents - Oh, Darlin'

Dixie Chicken Car Scents

  • $9.00

Add a little personality & freshen up your car with one of our car scents.

-> The car scent measures about 3" x 2.5".
-> No scent option if you just want a cute mirror hanger. 

-> These air fresheners come attached to cord to hang around rearview mirrors.

-> Print is on both sides.

-->> THESE ARE PICTURED BEFORE SCENT IS ADDED. This means they will have drops of oil added to the bottoms of them which will leave a few small splotches at the bottom. <<--


outlaw -- Nice blend of Butt Naked and Leather. Better known as Cowboy in the buff.

backroads -- Sweet citrus smell. Refreshing, clean & light. Also known as Volcano Scent.