Floral Beaded Car Freshies - Oh, Darlin'

Floral Beaded Car Freshies

  • $9.00

daisy and sunflowers that smell absolutely amazing. hang them in your car, rear view mirror, closet or throughout your home. some are decorated with additional glitter. 


top row -- butt naked, butt naked

bottom row -- country clothesline, bombshell, country clothesline

Butt Naked: A saucy tropical blend of melons, strawberries, pears and fresh green apples.

Country Clothesline - Fresh, clean linen hangs over a field of subtle rose, jasmine and violet.

Bombshell: A flirty, colorful blend of succulent purple passion fruit, burgundy Tuscan grapes, sun-kissed yellow peonies, fragrant vanilla orchids, and just a hint of fresh greenery