Vintage Glam Vessel Candles

  • $45.00

Tina — Juniper berry and bamboo coconut is our best selling candle. While juniper berry brings fresh green florals elevated with lily, juicy fruits, and a heart of jasmine. The bamboo coconut overflows with lushness of green coconut and fresh leaves. This soothing blend has a luxurious softness that is reminiscent of a spa, or a tranquil forest.

Niah — Guava freesia and white tea. "NIAH" generates a pleasant, soothing atmosphere in any space. With fresh citrusy top notes of guava and mandarin. Followed by hints of thyme, and ginger. The two together make a beautifully delicate candle with exquisite fragrance.

Brother — Otherwise known as our, "Man Candle", Ocean Reef and sandalwood scented candle. A sweet yet salty oceanic accords candle combines with an undercurrent of amber and vanilla. Complex and sophisticated, "BROTHER", hits the combination of saccharine yet powerful with a base of dark musk and woody undertones. It's mystery and intriguing combination inspires a seducing aroma.

Waylon — Breathe in the fragrant accords of tropical florals in full bloom with our gardenia tuberose and plumeria scented candle. Notes of jasmine, gardenia, and guava. The irresistibly juicy scent candle is perfect for all year round.

Bailey — This honeysuckle jasmine and ocean rose scented candle is all things bright, and lively, with just the amount of softness. Hints of woody amber and powder in the base provides a rich, and earthy balance to the clean floral notes.

Maddi — Smooth and elegant. Our sea salt orchard and teakwood candle has blends of softness notes with salty highlights. With a punch of bold and complexity, it's scents leave notes of ginger, tobacco leaf, and aged teakwood. Burning it feels like you are watching the sun set on a forbidden island.

Boujee — Calling all my Bougee loves! Our new yuzu and lily candle is fit for every occasion and fill any room with the fresh citrus top notes as it trickles down an exotic heart of jungle fruits & flowers over a sweet heart of sugary musks. With a delicate heart of white lily & rose compliments the sensual base notes of amber & musk. This one of a kind scent will leave you constan

New Beginnings — This unique scent is inspired by one of my favs TINA Candle. The perfect balance of juniper and eucalyptus that makes this candle perfect for burning all year round

Decade — This bright, vibrant, and fresh candle is scented orange blossom and white musk. Just the perfect combination of citrus and earth. The two make a perfect pair 🍃🌾

Sultry Summer — Exotic Egyptian amber and elegant French Lavender create the heart of this rich and comforting fragrance. Hints of tonka bean and myrrh conform to add sophistication, creating the ideal balance of sweet floral and warm earthy notes.

Lolo — Summer? Is that you!?
What a better way to welcome Summer time other than this unique candle! Scented mahogany and coconut with hints of rare mahogany layered with coconut, sandalwood, vanilla and oakmoss.
Summer never smelt so luxurious!